Advanced Micro Polymers Inc.

Natural Polymers to help preserve our environment
We help the world become greener by providing state of the art natural polymers
Liquid Mulch
Liquid Mulch is used by tree nurseries, greenhouses, landscapers and seed producers to reduce weeds, pests and water loss. Like, all of our products are made from natural sources.  
Polysaccharide Binders
Our natural resins are unique because they are designed to give you performance advantages. Thus, you can design your products with a significant natural content and deliver advantages over. 
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Natural Ink Resin                                                       Liquid Spray Mask
Our line of natural resins for inks offers many advantages.           Liquid Spray Mask is a temporary, water washable coating that
Used in water based formulations;features include improved         has found uses in several applications. It forms a protective
anilox performance, longer run times and zero VOC form-            barrier that protects the substrate against paint overspray.
ulations. In addition, they can be used to grind pigments.
Resin Ink Inks Flexo Adhesive Cars Trains Airplanes Transport Maintenance Temporary Protective Coating