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AMP66 Liquid Spray Mask
Here is a brief description of some of AMP's Liquid Spray Masks beneficial properties: 
VOC is Zero
AMP's Liquid Spray Mask contains no harmful ingredients and is safe for employee's to handle. It is made from Wheat, corn, potatoe and soy. (Request a copy of the msds before using.)
The drying is purely physical - the water evaporates. No coalescing agents and no solvents are needed. How fast it dries depends on the temperature and the relative humidity.
Masking Tape Will Adhere
Since it is a film forming polymer that adheres to the vehicle, masking tapes will stick to it and can be repositioned. When the job is done, simply wash the dry Liquid Spray Mask off with water. It is just like dissolving sugar. The Liquid Spray Mask will completely dissolve in the water. The colder that the water is the more water wil be needed to dissolve it.
It Has Good Compatibility With Vehicale Materials and Paints
AMP's Liquid Spray Mask is specifiaclly designed to be compatible with a wide range of vehicle parts and pieces. It can be applied over wheels, tires, windshields, windows, mouldings, bumpers, convertible tops and much, much more. It is a natural products and will not discolour or damage these parts. Due to the large variety of materials used on vehicles AMP recommends testing the Liquid Spray Mask on a small area before using it on a large area. The farm is our supplier and the focus is on performance. This gives body shops greater flexibility.
Neutral pH
Unlike other liquid products, the pH of AMP's Liquid Spray Mask is neutral. That means that it is non corrosive and non hazardous for the workers. No special protective equipment is required. It can simply be sprayed onto the vehicle or any of its parts. Clothing can be washed. Being a natural polymer, it is safe for employees to use and it addresses the consumers growing concern about petroleum based products.
Easy to Remove
AMP's Liquid Spray Mask is easy to remove. Simply wash the car with water. The Liquid Spray Mask is completely water soluble. It will dissolve leaving a clean, shiny finish ready for the customer.
Will it be Difficult to Clean the Equipment?
Equipment can be easily cleaned by rinsing with water. It does not “gum-up”. If the Liquid Spray Mask dries in the nozzles or orifices they can be cleaned with water. You may need to let it soak for a minute. It is recommended to clean the equipment immediately after use by rinsing with water.