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About AMP's Polysaccharide Based Binders
AMP's Polysaccharide Binders are used in water based adhesive and glue formulations. In most instances, AMP's Polysaccharide Binders are used primarily to improve the green bond or to improve adhesion to glass, metal, wood and paper products.
What makes AMP's Polysaccharide Binders unique is their solids content. At 60% it the highest solids polysaccharide product available on the market. They are stable and do not require special storage conditions.

There are no special mixing procedures, no special pH requirements and no special temperature requirements.

While many starch based products need to be "cooked" or only have a narrow temperature, pH and time window in which they can be used, this is not the case for AMP's Polysaccharide Binders. They are very versatile and can be added at any time in the formulation.
AMP's Polysaccharide Binders are completely natural. They are derived from natural, agricultural sources. Like all AMP's products, it contains zero VOC.
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