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About Liquid Mulch
Liquid Mulch is used by growers and landscapers to prevent new weeds from taking root.  It is also used to help prevent soil erosion caused by heavy rainfall or by keeping dried soil from blowing away in the wind.  In the same way, it keeps solid fertilizers in place and reduces losses caused by the fertilizers being blown or carried away. Liquid Mulch helps retain moisture much in the same way loose mulches do.  Finally, it helps reduce damage caused by pests since it makes a barrier between the soil and the plant.

Mulching is one of the most important ways to maintain healthy plants.  This is especially true for plants with shallow root systems. The mulch helps keep the roots moist and cool.  It will also reduce competition from weeds.  In some instances, Liquid Mulch is applied primarily to reduce water loss in potted plants or to reduce the number of pests.  In other situations it is used to keep soil from falling out of the pots while they are being transported. When applied correctly, Liquid Mulch has many beneficial effects.
Liquid Mulch is a concentrated viscous liquid that is diluted before use.  It is sprayed or poured onto the soil and dries to form a durable, permeable film that allows the plant to breathe and also allows water to penetrate.  When diluted properly, the Liquid Mulch will flow freely and cover the entire surface. New weed seeds that fall onto the surface do not germinate because they remain dry.  Often they simply blow away in the wind.

Exisiting plants and seeds planted in the soil under the Liquid Mulch film are not affected and grow freely. Therefore, it is important to start with clean soil.

An important feature of Liquid Mulch is that it does not kill plants (it is not a herbicide), it does not kill insects (it is not a pesticide) and it does not kill bacteria. It makes a barrier between the air and the soil that helps to protect the palnts against weeds and certain insects. The result is that there are no restrictions to its use. It can be used inside greenhouses as well as in residential or environmentally sensitive areas.

Several grades of Liquid Mulch are available.  Each grade is designed to meet the specific needs of that type of application.  There is a grade for: greenhouse applications, nurseries, landscaping, city parks and railways.
Liquid Mulch is available in three colours: Natural colour, which is a light grey; Cedar red, designed to be similar to cedar bark mulch and Black, as shown in the picture.  These colours can be mixed to obtain various shades. For example, by mixing black and cedar red a terra cotta type colour can be obtained.
Liquid Mulch is completely natural.  It is made from modified corn, wheat, potatoe, soy and cellulose products.  It will degrade naturally in about 3 to 12 months depending on the grade, the amount that was applied and on the weather.  The Liquid Mulch Film will last longer during dry seasons and will degrade faster during wet seasons.
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