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About Liquid Mulch
Mulching is one of the most important ways to maintain healthy plants.  
Liquid Mulch is used to prevent new weeds from taking root.  It is also used to help prevent soil erosion caused by heavy rainfall or by keeping dried soil from blowing away in the wind.  In the same way, it keeps solid fertilizers in place and reduces losses caused by the fertilizers being blown or carried away. Liquid Mulch helps retain moisture much in the same way loose mulches do.  Finally, it helps reduce damage caused by pests since it makes a barrier between over the soil.
Liquid Mulch is a concentrated viscous liquid that is diluted before use.  It is poured onto the soil and dries to form a durable, permeable film that allows the plant to breathe and also allows water to reach the roots.

Existing plants are not affected and grow freely. The grade and amount of Liquid Mulch must be carefully chosen for seeds planted in the soil under the Liquid Mulch film to germinate and grow freely.

Liquid Mulch is available in several grades. They are specifically formulated for the needs of each type of application. For example, there is a grade for home landscaping, city and park landscaping, greenhouses, nurseries and railways. Liquid Mulch spreads easily over the soil and binds with the pant stem, soil and pot (or edging), leaving no spaces for weeds to grow. It is a proven cost effective solution.

Liquid Mulch is completely naturally. It is made from corn, potatoe, wheat, soy and cellulose. It will degrade naturally in about 3 to 8 months depending on the amount that was applied and depending on the weather. The Liquid Mulch film will last longer during cool dry seasons and will degrade faster during hot wet seasons. 

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