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Liquid Mulch Helps Conserve Water by as Much as 30%
Thursday January 15th, 2015

Clean water is a precious resource. It is particularly valuable in regions where fresh water is scarce. For example, in a horticulture or agricultural application the grower must ensure that the water will last throughout the entire growing season. Losses through evaporation from the soil is wasted water because it is not available to the plant being cultivated. Another example would include shipping plants. While being transported plants usually have to rely on the moisture in the soil. Keeping that moisture in the soil longer helps ensure the survivablility of the plants.
A study recently completed in our Liquid Mulch Research Centre demonstrated that the use of Liquid Mulch reduces the amount of water that evaporates from he soil by 18 to 30% depending on the amount of Liquid Mulch used. This is important, not only for water conservation, but also reduces the number of times plants need to be watered during the growing cycle. The results compliment the findings from a previous study done by the Vineland Research institute. It found that plants treated with Liquid Mulch didn't need to be watered as frequently as plants with bare soil. In the Vineland Study, plants treated with Liquid Mulch survived, without wilting, an extra 3 days without watering as compared to plants that were not treated with Liquid Mulch. The difference in this study was that water evaporation from the soil was measured for different amounts of Liquid Mulch on the soil. The Liquid Mulch that was used was AMP753, Nursery Grade, Natural Colour.

This study also found that the thicker that the Liquid Mulch film is the less water evaporates. The biggest difference however, was between bare soil and soil with Liquid Mulch film even if the film was at the minimum recommended application rate of 0.5 Kg/m2 (~1 lb/sq yard). This minimum film thickness decreased water loss by 18%.
A garden centre top soil mix was used for the experiments and it was found that the soil held slightly more than its own weight in water. About 100 g or soil held about 110 g of water. Also, at 18 oC and 65% RH without sunlight, the bare, not covered soil lost about 2.4 Kg/ m2 of water every day (~13% of the water content of the pots). The chart shows how the water loss decreased with increasing Liquid Mulch film thicknesses.
An importance advantage to Liquid Mulch films is that they breathe. This is important to the healthy development of the plants. Also, rain passes through and therefore, rain water is not wasted.
Please Contact Us for a copy of the full report.
2014 An Amazing Year
Wednesday December 31st, 2014

Thank you to all of our customers, employees and partners for making 2014 an amazing year that saw AMP grow on all levels. From new people, new partners, new customers, larger facilities, new equipment to improved products and exciting R&D projects, the year was an exciting journey. And 2015 promises to be even more exciting. Managing this explosive growth has proven to be a challenge, a challenge that we have gladly met.
On the Liquid Mulch front, there were developments in Greenhouse LM technology that necessitated renovations to the LM Research centre. These renovations were done and the new technology is currently being tested. The new technology makes LM an even better method for controlling pests such as Thrips.
On the inks front, we saw the development of several AMP100 based pigment dispersions. There are ongoing print trials in Europe and North America with these new products. In addition, AMP has submitted a request to Health Canada for a letter of no objection to use some of these dispersions in direct food contact applications.
On the Binder front, a new application was developed. AMP30 is now being used in mining applications around the world.
Finally, on the Liquid Spray Mask front, important strides were made towards the use of LSM in new car manufacturing. While much work still remains to be done, the fact that it is being tested by OEM's is an important step forward for this product line.
Internally, changes were made to the AMP manufacturing process increasing capacity and product quality. This includes a new packaging station for filling drums. The Liquid Mulch Research centre was relocated and redesigned to better serve the needs of current customers. The R&D lab is being renovated to prepare for new projects.
Not to be ignored were the increases in sales volume. Sales increased both in existing customers increasing their orders for AMP's products and in new AMP customers.
I would like to thank organizations such as OAFT, GFO and CAAP for their continued support for our efforts in improving our products in the market place.
Throughout the year I look forward to sharing more details with you about these exciting developments in AMP.

New Data Added to the Liquid Mulch Effectiveness Webpage
Tuesday September 16th, 2014

The Liquid Mulch Research Center has played an important role in developing application methods and in improving the performance of the different Liquid Mulch grades. Some of that data has now been included on the Liquid Mulch Effectiveness Page. (To visit that page click here.)
The purpose of the Liquid Mulch Effectiveness Page is to present performance data that may help growers, greenhouses, landscapers and other users to make better use of Liquid Mulch. For example, data showing the effect of the application rate on weed suppression and data showing the effect of application rate on pest suppression.
During the recent plant expansion, the Liquid Mulch Research Center was also modernized. As new data is developed in conjunction with users it will be added to the webpage.
Information is also posted on our LinkedIn Company & Liquid Mulch pages. Click here to visit the LinkedIn Company page & click to visit the LinkedIn Liquid Mulch Page.
AMP Announces Expansion of Its Milton Facility
Wednesday July 9th, 2014

AMP has been growing rapidly over the past two years. As a result a second plant expansion is required in Milton. During this expansion the process equipment will be supported by new material handling equipment. Material will now be transferred automatically from reactor to reactor and to packaging. The process will be smoother and will run faster. It will also increase productivity of the reactors. As a result, AMP will be able to manufacture more product in the same time.
During the expansion, we will also be renovating the Liquid Mulch Research Centre.
To accomplish this expansion, the manufacturing plant will be shut down during the month of August, 2014. We will put enough inventory on the floor for our customers. Please contact Erika at with any questions about the expansion.
This is only possible because of the continued support from our staff, customers and suppliers. Thank you.
AMP's Customers Save the Planet an Equivalent of 500 000 L of Crude Oil
Monday April 21st, 2014

AMP together with our partners (customers, distributors, sales agents and employees) have saved the planet the equivalent of 500 000 L of crude oil. This represents how much crude oil it would have taken if plastics such as acrylic or polyethylene had been used instead of AMP's natural polymers. At the same time, we've helped our customers save money and develop products with enhanced performance properties.
AMP was built on a vision of a world that respects the environment and its inhabitants by using all of the earth's resources responsibly. We work towards addressing important environmental aspects such as: preserving petroleum reserves by providing functional, natural polymers made from agricultural sources and reducing the amount of waste that goes into land fills by making compostable products. Thus, this marks an important milestone towards our shared vision.
As always, AMP's natural polymers are used to enhance the performance of our customers products. Usually building properties into their products that they would not necessarily be able to obtain through the use of synthetic plastic materials.
We are very proud of this achievement and wish to congratulate our partners on their successes.
Announcing Improvements to Liquid Spray Mask, AMP66
Saturday March 1st, 2014

AMP has completed a development project for AMP66, Liquid Spray Mask that improves its performance in the winter, preventing it from flaking when used in forced air baking during extremely dry (low humidity) conditions. The improvements are the result of customer feed-back and input. Thus AMP66 can now be used in a larger variety of body shops. The other benefits and performance properties remain the same. I look forward to your feed-back. Feel free to request a sample.
AMP100 for Inks now has Improved Shelf Life & Freeze Thaw Stability
Thursday February 13th, 2014

Ruben Lenz, the President of Advanced Micro Polymers Inc. announced that improvements to AMP100 have been completed. These improvements increase the shelf life and stability; especially freeze thaw stability. The improvements are the result of better processing technology giving better chemical conversion rates. Thus AMP100 is more like what it was designed to be. Customers will also enjoy its improved performance. Feel free to request a sample and to give us your feed-back.
Welcome to Ian Baldam, Sales Agent in the UK
Tuesday January 14th, 2014

Ian Baldam has over 30 years experience in purchasing and logistics for related industries. He is very focused and professional and will make an excellent addition to our team. While his primary focus is on AMP100 for inks, he will also pursue marketing opportunities and develop the business for Liquid Mulch and Liquid Spray Mask. I look forward to working with Ian.