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Natural Polymers to help preserve our environment
New Data Added to the Liquid Mulch Effectiveness Webpage
Tuesday September 16th, 2014

The Liquid Mulch Research Center has played an important role in developing application methods and in improving the performance of the different Liquid Mulch grades. Some of that data has now been included on the Liquid Mulch Effectiveness Page. (To visit that page click here.)
The purpose of the Liquid Mulch Effectiveness Page is to present performance data that may help growers, greenhouses, landscapers and other users to make better use of Liquid Mulch. For example, data showing the effect of the application rate on weed suppression and data showing the effect of application rate on pest suppression.
During the recent plant expansion, the Liquid Mulch Research Center was also modernized. As new data is developed in conjunction with users it will be added to the webpage.
Information is also posted on our LinkedIn Company & Liquid Mulch pages. Click here to visit the LinkedIn Company page & click to visit the LinkedIn Liquid Mulch Page.
AMP Announces Expansion of Its Milton Facility
Wednesday July 9th, 2014

AMP has been growing rapidly over the past two years. As a result a second plant expansion is required in Milton. During this expansion the process equipment will be supported by new material handling equipment. Material will now be transferred automatically from reactor to reactor and to packaging. The process will be smoother and will run faster. It will also increase productivity of the reactors. As a result, AMP will be able to manufacture more product in the same time.
During the expansion, we will also be renovating the Liquid Mulch Research Centre.
To accomplish this expansion, the manufacturing plant will be shut down during the month of August, 2014. We will put enough inventory on the floor for our customers. Please contact Erika at with any questions about the expansion.
This is only possible because of the continued support from our staff, customers and suppliers. Thank you.
AMP's Customers Save the Planet an Equivalent of 500 000 L of Crude Oil
Monday April 21st, 2014

AMP together with our partners (customers, distributors, sales agents and employees) have saved the planet the equivalent of 500 000 L of crude oil. This represents how much crude oil it would have taken if plastics such as acrylic or polyethylene had been used instead of AMP's natural polymers. At the same time, we've helped our customers save money and develop products with enhanced performance properties.
AMP was built on a vision of a world that respects the environment and its inhabitants by using all of the earth's resources responsibly. We work towards addressing important environmental aspects such as: preserving petroleum reserves by providing functional, natural polymers made from agricultural sources and reducing the amount of waste that goes into land fills by making compostable products. Thus, this marks an important milestone towards our shared vision.
As always, AMP's natural polymers are used to enhance the performance of our customers products. Usually building properties into their products that they would not necessarily be able to obtain through the use of synthetic plastic materials.
We are very proud of this achievement and wish to congratulate our partners on their successes.
Announcing Improvements to Liquid Spray Mask, AMP66
Saturday March 1st, 2014

AMP has completed a development project for AMP66, Liquid Spray Mask that improves its performance in the winter, preventing it from flaking when used in forced air baking during extremely dry (low humidity) conditions. The improvements are the result of customer feed-back and input. Thus AMP66 can now be used in a larger variety of body shops. The other benefits and performance properties remain the same. I look forward to your feed-back. Feel free to request a sample.
AMP100 for Inks now has Improved Shelf Life & Freeze Thaw Stability
Thursday February 13th, 2014

Ruben Lenz, the President of Advanced Micro Polymers Inc. announced that improvements to AMP100 have been completed. These improvements increase the shelf life and stability; especially freeze thaw stability. The improvements are the result of better processing technology giving better chemical conversion rates. Thus AMP100 is more like what it was designed to be. Customers will also enjoy its improved performance. Feel free to request a sample and to give us your feed-back.
Welcome to Ian Baldam, Sales Agent in the UK
Tuesday January 14th, 2014

Ian Baldam has over 30 years experience in purchasing and logistics for related industries. He is very focused and professional and will make an excellent addition to our team. While his primary focus is on AMP100 for inks, he will also pursue marketing opportunities and develop the business for Liquid Mulch and Liquid Spray Mask. I look forward to working with Ian.
Welcome to Al Levin, Sales Agent for Liquid Spray Mask in Canada
Saturday November 16th, 2013

Al Levin has over a decade experience manufacturing and selling masking materials to auto-body shops and related industries. He is the owner of Aluru Enterprises Ltd., a leading supplier of masking paper in Canada and the Eastern US. Thanks to his insights and help, AMP was able to develop a natural alternative to synthetic spray masks. It is a natural extension of Al's expertise and business to represent AMP's Liquid Spray Mask (AMP66) in Canada.
It is with great pleasure that I welcome Al to our growing team.
Liquid Spray Mask is made from natural polymers and will protect surfaces against solvent based and water based paint over-spray. It can be baked and removed by washing the automobile with water. More information about AMP66, Liquid Spray Mask can be obtained here.
PMRA Identifies Insecticides as a Cause of Bee Deaths in Canada
Monday September 30th, 2013
The Pest Management & Regulatory Authority has identified neonicotinoids, a class of pesticides used to treat seeds such as corn, as contributor to the deaths of Bees and other pollinators in Canada. You can read the PMRA Notice of Intent, Action to Protect Bees by clicking here.
The Toronto Star has also published a series of articles on the issue. You can read these articles by clicking here.
AMP is actively pursuing research to measure and identify how Liquid Mulch can be used to protect plants without using pesticides. For example, we are currently investigating whether Liquid Mulch will help the survivability of beneficial nematodes. Nematodes are used to control grubs in lawns and in other applications. Nematodes must remain moist and Liquid Mulch helps reduce water loss due to evaporation.
For more information please contact us.
Youtube Docmentary About AMP Sponsored by OAFT
Sunday August 18th, 2013

Ontario Agri-Food Technologies has sponsored a short 9 minute video about AMP and our products. The video gives a brief description of AMP and also shows both Liquid Mulch and Liquid Spray Mask in action.

AMP Participated in Nursery Short Course Sponsored by OMAFRA and Landscape Ontario
Wednesday February 6th, 2013
OMAFRA in conjunction with Landscape Ontario sponsored a short course for nurseries and plant specialists in Ontario on Wednesday the 6th of February. The short course was held in Guelph and AMP was pleased to participate. We had a small table top with samples available for participants to examine. One sample was a potted Croton plant with red AMP753 Liquid Mulch. The other sample was of a dry red AMP753 Liquid Mulch film. This film demonstrated how the Liquid Mulch film sticks to the soil.
We will present the latest Liquid Mulch developments. These include technical and performance improvements for the nursery grade in particular. Specific data comparing the equivalent amount of wood chip mulch needed to achieve the same weed control as Liquid Mulch was included.
Liquid Mulch is currently available in several grades. Each grade is specifically designed to meet the requirements and needs of the industry. Currently there is a grade for: nurseries, greenhouses, cities, landscapers and railways.
The nursery, greenhouse, city and landscaping grades are available in black, red and natural colours.
AMP Announces the Opening of the Liquid Mulch Research Centre
Monday November 5th, 2012
AMP is pleased to announce that we have opened a new research centre specifically designed to support Liquid Mulch. Liquid Mulch is currently avaible in several grades. Each grade is specifically designed to meet the requirements and needs of the industry. Currently there is a grade for: nurseries, greenhouses, cities, landscapers and railways.
The research centre consists of an interior, heated "greenhouse", lab space as well as engineering and equipment development facilities. The new research centre was designed to demonstrate Liquid Mulch performance caracteristics in container applications and in field applications. It includes about 200 sq ft of interior lawn & garden space for landscaping and city park support work.
This new facility will help us develop new Liquid Mulch products and it will help us make better improvements to existing Liquid Mulch products faster as the work will not be limited to the summer period. Rather we will be able to test and demonstrate the application of Liquid Mulch in various environments all year long.
 More information about our Liquid Mulch products can be obtained on our Liquid Milch pages or by contacting us.
AMP Receives Letter of No Objection For AMP100
Tuesday October 2nd, 2012
Health Canada's letter of no objection states that AMP 100 "may have direct contact with all types of food."
AMP100 is made from corn, wheat, potatoe and soy. It used in place of synthetic, petroleum derived resins in flexographic, carton and corrugated packaging inks.
The requirements for a letter of no objection can be found at:   According to Health Canada's web site: "Letters expressing favourable opinions are called 'no objection letters' and can be used by the recipients to assure their prospective customers that the products they are selling have been evaluated by the Food Directorate and deemed acceptable, from a chemical safety standpoint, for use in specified food packaging applications."
This is an important step forward for AMP100 as it opens a large opportunity; food packaging. Please contact us for more information about the letter of no objection and about using AMP100 in inks for food packaging.
Liquid Mulch to be Demonstrated at the Woodstock Farmshow by OMAFRA Sept. 11 to 13thFriday September 7th, 2012
The features of Liquid Mulch will be shown to growers at the Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock, Ontario from Sept. 11th to the 13th. You are invited to come and visit this demonstration at the OMAFRA alternative power exhibit (Near Sally's Creek; FARM SHOW SITE MAP LINK).
Two rows of crops were treated with AMP753 Red and AMP753 Black Liquid Mulch in April of this year. Earlier this week Liquid Mulch was reapplied to about half of each row. Thus growers will be able to observe how both how Liquid Mulch protects against weeds and how it degrades over time.
The Liquid Mulch that was applied earlier in the year performed very well. Weed growth was virtually non-existent in the areas around the plant where it was applied. In contrast, the weeds were very profuse where there was no Liquid Mulch and the border where the Liquid Mulch ended was easily seen.
Additionally, because of the dry summer that we've experienced, there was very little degradation of the Liquid Mulch. An important observation included the fact that the colour did not fade over the summer months.
To learn more about Liquid Mulch please visit our LIQUID MULCH pages and to learn more about the farm show please see the farm show web site at
A special thanks to Mahendra Thimmanagari, Crop Bioproducts Specialist at OMAFRA, for having made this demonstration possible.
AMP100 Featured at OCE 2012 by OAFT-OMAFRA
Friday June 8th, 2012
On May 14th and 15th at the OCE Discovery 12 Conference AMP100 and four coloured inks made using AMP100 were featured at OAFT's and OMAFRA's booth. The conference website is
Attracting more than 2,000 participants and more than 300 exhibits, Discovery 12 provided Ontario's innovation community with an amazing show floor and a full program for celebrating the exciting work being done by our entrepreneurs, businesses and researchers across the province.
This conference achieved Guinness World Record status for the World's Largest Business Mentoring Event for Entrepreneurs and Innovators with 328 mentors and protégés taking part. Beyond making history, the event was a valuable and productive session in initiating more than 3,000 business relationships between all participants.
We are proud to have been a part of this event and thank Terry Daynard for having organized showcasing our products.
Ontario Agri Food Technologies (OAFT) is a govenrment funded organization that helps agri based companies capture new markets and grow. Their website is
The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs is a government of Ontairo ministry. It helps to build a stronger agri-food sector by investing in the development and transfer of innovative technologies, retaining and attracting investment, developing markets, providing regulatory oversight, and providing effective risk management tools.
Advanced Micro Polymers Inc is Now a Member of OAFT
Friday March 9th, 2012
I am happy to announce that Advanced Micro Polymers Inc. has become a member of OAFT.
Ontario Agri Food Technologies (OAFT) is a govenrment funded organization that helps agri based companies capture new markets and grow. Their website is
New Privacy Policy Added to Web Site
Wednesday March 7th, 2012
The Privacy Policy is now on-line and can be found at the Privacy Policy Page.
"This is not something new" according to the company president, Ruben Lenz. "We have always respected the privacy of our websites visitors. Now these visitors can read for themselves and have the written assurance that their personal information will not be sold or used in a manner other than the reason why they gave ot to us in the first place."
Advanced Micro Polymers Inc. obtains personal contact information when a visitor requests information. Sometimes that is only a phone number or an e-mail address. More often, it also includes the mailing address and job title.
The Privacy Policy reassures visitors that complete the Contact Us form that the information will only be used to answer their request for information. It is not used to send spam mailings nor is it sold.
Your comments and feedback are much appreciated and please do not hesitate to contact us.
China Coat was a great Success
Tuesday December 20th, 2011
A special thanks to Peter Yang and Sun Rise Chemicals in Korea for making this trip and the China Coatings show such a great success. AMP100 as well as Liquid Mulch were featured by Sun Rise Chemicals in China and in Korea. This was followed up by Peter and his team with a lot of innovative work which yielded excellent results. This was an outstanding way to close a tremendous year.
Everyone at AMP looks forward to working with Peter, all of our customers, suppliers and distrbutors in the coming year. Thank you for an excellent 2011.
Ruben Lenz
Visit us at NPIRI Technical Conference
Wednesday October 5th, 2011
Join us at the National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers' Technical Conference in Itasca Il on October 18th to 20th. We will have a table top with numerous print and ink samples. AMP100 will be featured.
I look forward to seeing everyone there.
AMP's Products Featured at the Bio World Congress by Bioenterprise
Friday July 15th, 2011
Our products were part of the display at the Bio World Congress in Toronto.  On display were printed material using ink made with about 35% AMP100, Liquid Mulch, a potted plant with Liquid Mulch and organic seeds produced using Liquid Mulch.  Here is the link to the pictures:
AMP Announces Distributor Arrangments for its products
Thursday June 30th, 2011
I am pleased to announce that AMP has come to an agreement with several distributors over the past few months. These agreements will make AMP's products more accessible to its customers.  These agreements are:
Aluru Enterprises Ltd: North American Distributor for AMP66 - Liquid Spray Mask
Neovations: Quebec distributor for AMP100 Polysaccharide for inks
Sun Rise Chemicals: Distributor in Asia (excluding India) for AMP100 Polysaccharide for inks, AMP66 Liquid Spray Mask, AMP30 Polysaccharide Binder and Liquid Mulch
Aluru is a premier manufacturer and distributor of automotive masking materials. They sell their paper mask under the trade name "Tuff Mask" and will distribute AMP66 under their label as "Liquid Tuff Mask".
Neovations is a leading manufacturer of photo initiators and AMP carries and sells their photo initiators. Since Neovations has direct contact with ink manufacturers in Quebec it was a natural choice to distribute AMP100 in that region.
Sun Rise Chemicals is a high quality distributor in Asia with expertise in coatings, especially inks.  Their knowledge, experience and background will help make AMP's products available to customers in Asia.
This new arrangement will help ensure that we can continue to provide all of our customers with quality products in a timely fashion.
SpecialChem Coatings & Ink Formulations News Release
Wednesday February 9th, 2011

AMP100 Natural Polymer Based Vehicle

For Water-based, Narrow Web Flexographic Packaging Inks


Advanced Micro Polymers Inc. is pleased to announce its new natural polymer, AMP100.  AMP100 is the product of 30 years research and development experience with natural polymers in the coatings industry and of close collaboration with ink manufacturers.


AMP100 can be used in place of the carboxylic acid modified acrylic resins.  These are typically used in water-based inks made for labels; paper based packaging materials, corrugated printing among many others.


Advanced Micro Polymers Inc. is a privately held company based in Ontario, Canada.  It specializes in the manufacturing of natural polymers used in coatings of all kinds.


Here is a brief description of some of AMP100’s beneficial properties:


VOC is zero.  Being made from natural polymers has its advantages.  It contains no harmful ingredients and is safe for employees to handle.  AMP100 is made from corn, wheat and potatoe.  The drying is purely physical – water evaporates.  No coalescing agents are needed. 


Good compatibility.  AMP100 is specifically designed to be compatible with a wide range of acrylic vehicles, pigments and ink additives.  It is a natural product.  The farm is our supplier.  The focus is on performance giving the ink formulator greater flexibility.


Neutral pH.  Unlike dry acrylic powders or flakes, it does not need ammonia to dissolve in water.  It can simply be dispersed at any point in the ink making process.  Being a natural polymer the VOC is zero and it addresses the consumers growing concern about petroleum based products.  AMP100 is the most cost effective way to address some of the biggest problems ink manufacturers face.  It reduces cost, improves gloss and blocking, improves rewetting on the anilox, is pH neutral and improves colour strength. 


High solids.  AMP100 solids are higher than most resins.  The solids are 60%.  Therefore the viscosity is also higher.  Simply add less AMP100 to the ink than the resin it replaces and make up the difference with water.  This will keep the final solids and viscosity about the same.

AMP Opens new production facility
Monday January 3rd, 2011
I am pleased to announce the opening of our new production facility in Milton, Ontario.  This facility will manufacture the base polymer used in many of our products.  It will also manufacture AMP100 for inks.
As AMP continues to grow I wih to thank all of our dedicated employees that have worked so hard at making our existing products a success and at developing new products.  I also want to thank our loyal customers that continue choose AMP's products for their manufacturing process.
This new facility will help ensure that we can continue to provide all of our customers with quality products in a timely fashion.
Liquid Mulch test Results in Landscaping
Monday August 9th, 2010
Alot of work has been going on during this growing season with Liquid Mulch.  The first test results to come back relate to its use by Landscape Professionals.  A direct comparison to cedar bark mulch was made.  The effectiveness of Liquid Mulch was as follows:
Equivalent Weed Control
Red Cedar Mulch Bed Depth 
Liquid Mulch AMP753 Addition Rate 
2 inches 
1.5 Kg per square meter 
4 inches 
2 Kg per square meter 
6 inches 
2.5 Kg per square meter 
Both the cedar bark mulch and the Liquid Mulch were applied unto a weed free garden bed composed of a mixture of 1/3 top soil, 1/3 peat moss and 1/3 compost.  The primary plant were hostas and each bed was about 2 square meters.  All beds were side by side with equal weed pressure.  Visit our Liquid Mulch section for more information or contact us.
Advanced Micro Polymers Inc. and Hagedorn AG in Germany work together to promote Liquid Mulch in Europe
Tuesday March 30th, 2010
We are pleased to announce that Hagedorn AG and Advanced Micro Polymers Inc. have agreed in principal to work together in promoting AMP's Liquid Mulch in Europe.  This is an exciting opportunity for both AMP and Hagedorn.  It also opens the possibility of serving the North American organic market since the polysaccharides made from European corn are non-gmo.
A number of European producers are already testing and evaluating the Liquid Mulch.  We look forward to an exciting year in Canada, the US and Europe.
Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Convention was a Great Success
Friday February 25th, 2010
I would like to thank everyone that came to visit us at the show.  It was good to see friends and acquaintances and it was good to make new ones.  We look forward to working with you in the coming year.  We will be sending out the information packages in the next few days.
Landscape Ontario Congress was a Great Success
Monday January 18th, 2010
I would like to thank everyone that came to visit our booth at the show and congress.  It was good to see friends and acquaintances and it was good to make new ones.  We look forward to working with you in the coming year.
Join us again at the Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Convention on February the 24th and 25th, 2010
Wednesday January 6th, 2010
In response to numerous requests from our friends and customers, Advanced Micro Polymers is pleased to announce that we are currently developing a complete equipment package that is ready to use for landscapers and growers.
This equipment will be used during our demonstrations and presentations this year.  Also, it will be on display at both the Landscape Ontario Congress Trade Show and at the Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Convention.  Please visit us to see the equipment.  Additional information is also available by using the Contact Us form on this web site.
Join us again at the Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Convention on February the 24th and 25th, 2010
Thursday December 9th, 2009
We are pleased to be at the 2010 Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Convention and Trade Show once again this year.  We will update with our booth number and location as that becomes available.
During the show samples will be available along with information regarding our line of Liquid Mulches designed for field and nursery applications.  We look forward to see you at the show.
Join us at the Landscape Ontario Congress Trade Show on January 12th to 14th, 2010
Wednesday November 25th 2009
Advanced Micro Polymers will be introducing its new line of Liquid Mulches at the Landscape Ontario Trade Show in January. These are reformulated products that address the particular needs of each of the various horticultural trades. They inlcude products specially designed for greenhouse applications, landscaping and nurseries.
Please join us in booth GF5 as we are going to be located in the green forum.
Contact us for a complimentary trade show pass using the Contact Us form on this website.
AMP Tested at Niagara Peach Tree Orchard to Reduce SouthWest Injury and Help Prevent Sread of Canker
Thursday October 8th 2009
A modified version of AMP was applied on selected trees at anorchard. The trees had been planted this spring and were about 3 to 4 cm in diameter. The farm is situated in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada. There are 20 acres of tender fruit (peaches, pears, apricots and plums) and 3 acres of wine grapes. Thefarm has specialized in fresh market fruit and wine grapes for the last 31 years.
AMP wasapplied onto the tree trunks. It was applied for the first meter from the ground upspecial attentionto trees surrounding infected trees. This was done to determine whether the rate of spread of canker can be reduced by using AMP. The AMP was white in colourto help against Southwest injury. The condition of the trees and the performance of the AMP will continue to be monitered.
Ruben Lenz to Present at the OMAFRA Growing the Margins Conference
Thursday March 12th at the London Convention Centre, London, Ontario at 10:30 AM
Ruben Lenz will be presenting the history of AMP753 Liquid Mulch and how government agencies can continue to help new agri & green based technologies grow into successful business ventures in Ontario.
Advanced Micro Polymers thanks everyone that came to visit us at the Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Convention. A special thanks to Wes Wien and Michael Kauzlaric Gemmrich Nurseries for having allowed us to use their booth during the convention.
Join us at the Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Convention
February 18 & 19 at Brock University, St. Catherines, Ontario
Advanced Micro Polymers has teamed up with Gemmrich Nursery Inc., a premier grape vine producer for Ontario. Please visit us at the Gemmerich booth (booth #17 - by the windows) during the show.
Article Published in "Ontario's Farmer Daily"
January 13, 2009
The Next Step In Weed Management – Control Without Herbicides !
by Glenn Powell
If Ruben Lenz has his way, Ontario agriculture – particularly the horticulture industry – may soon have a weed control product that uses residues from field crops, doesn’t include any chemical herbicides yet effectively stops weed seedlings from taking root.
Lenz readily admits to only a smattering of “farm experience” but he put his chemistry background to work to develop what he refers to as a bio-product designed to stop weeds – AMP 753, the name taken in part from the name of his company, Advanced Micro Polymers. Based in Milton, with a contract production facility in Pickering, the graduate chemist has come up with an all natural polymer that when applied to the soil prevents weed seeds from sprouting and growing.
“This product is completely from the farm.” Lenz states, as he describes the use of plant residues from large acreage crops such as corn, soybeans, wheat and potatoes.The product can best be described as a liquid mulch that when applied to the soil dries quickly forming a durable film, preventing weeds from taking root. Rainfall, irrigation water or liquid fertilizer readily penetrates downward to feed the growing crop.

The product is applied with a pressure sprayer on the soil between and around the plants of the cultivated crop. “Any farm type sprayer will work,” Lenz states, “although nozzles will have to be changed to accommodate the particle size and viscosity of the material.”

Sold in a concentrated form, the liquid mulch is diluted with water at time of application in a 5:1 or 7:1 ratio, depending on the period of weed control desired – the more concentrated the application, the longer the product will remain as a film on the soil, preventing weed seedlings from getting a start.

The most likely commercial applications of his product, Lenz says, is in the nursery trade to control weeds around potted plants, and in fruit and vegetable crops such as melons and peppers where growers are currently using polyethylene sheeting for weed control and soil warming.

“The polyethylene rolls are hard to work with and create a disposal problem,” Lenz points out. “AMP liquid mulch is easy to apply, it controls the weeds and there is no disposal problem as the product breaks down naturally.” The labour savings, he maintains, make the liquid mulch cost-competitive. In addition, as an all natural product there is no health risk to the applicator, nearby residents or wildlife.

The entrepreneur plans to have his product on display at a number of the horticulture grower meetings this season.
News Release Published in "The Grower"

January 5, 2009

New Natural Mulch Used as Inexpensive Way to Reduce Weeds

Advanced Micro Polymers, a Milton, Ontario based company, announces the introduction of AMP753 Liquid Mulch. This non-herbicidal product made from agricultural materials can significantly reduce weed growth.

Several studies were conducted in outdoor settings. These included tree nurseries and rail yards among others. “What is truly amazing about the product is that it is very easy to use and requires no special equipment” according to Ruben Lenz, President of Advanced Micro Polymers.

The way the product works is purely physical. The wind simply carries the weed seeds away. The product is a liquid concentrate and is diluted with water before use. It is then sprayed onto the area using a pump or a hand applicator. It dries quickly and forms a semi-opaque, smooth film that prevents weed seeds from taking root. AMP753 Liquid Mulch has no herbicidal activity at all and does not affect the development of young plants.

The Federal Regulating Agency (PMRA) recently wrote: “At this time the Pest Management Regulatory Agency does not require registration of this product.” The product can be used anywhere, without restrictions and without affecting worker health.

It is made of natural ingredients. As a matter of fact, the farm supplies the raw materials. Since it is made of agricultural materials it simply degrades and becomes part of the soil. It does not have to be removed. How long it lasts can be controlled by the grower. The more that is applied, the longer it lasts. How long it lasts also depends on the weather conditions. It will last longer during dry seasons than during wet seasons. A typical application, like the one shown below, begins to degrade after about 3 months.

Two other important aspects are that it adheres to the soil and it allows water to pass through slowly. As a result it does not blow away in the wind and normal operations such as fertilizing and watering are not affected.

AMP News

Ever since Advanced Micro Polymers was first introduced in 2007, it has proven itself as one of the strongest technologies based on natural, agricultural polymers. It may be because of the 20+ years of experience its founder, Ruben Lenz, has in developing commercially successful polysaccharides. Or, it’s because of the customer focus. Whatever the reason, we’ve earned a reputation for leading the way in introducing natural polymers to manufacturers, growers, the fashion & textile and the transportation industries.

And now we’ve added to our range of products AMP32, AMP86 and AMP54. These products are of the same high quality that is the trademark of Advanced Micro Polymers.

In addition, customers can now purchase, directly from us, pigments, photo-initiators and other products that are commonly used along with our natural polymers.

We invite you to look at our product list. We believe that you will find the right natural polymer for your process.