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Neovacure Photoinitiators
Advanced Micro Polymers' Neovacure products are liquid blends of reactive photoinitiators designed to offer a complete through cure and surface cure for inks and coatings.
These eutectic blends result in stable liquid systems.  Recrystallization of the photoinitiators will not occur.  They contain different, powerful photinitiator molecules to yield a specific emission wavelength.  This new generation product has low volatility and low weight loss.
All of the Neovacure products can be easily incorporated directly into the ink or coating batch.  There is no need to pre-mix with monomers or oligomers.
The three most popular photoinitiators are:
for dark coloured or black inks and coatings 
non-yellowing formulation for clear overcoat varnishes or light coloured inks and coatings 
non-yellowing formulation for white coloured inks and coatings 
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