About Us

We are a Canadian manufacturer of natural polymers made from agricultural sources such as corn, wheat, potato and soy. The head office, research center, manufacturing and warehouse are located in Milton, Ontario, Canada.


Advanced Micro Polymers (AMP) was founded by Ruben Lenz in January 2007 and is built on a vision of a world that respects the environment and its inhabitants by using all of the earth’s resources responsibly. We work towards addressing important environmental aspects such as: preserving petroleum reserves by providing functional, natural polymers and reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfills by making degradable and compostable products.


Ruben Lenz has over 25 years of experience in the research, development and introduction of patented polysaccharide-based products. These include products used in the aerospace, coatings, construction, paper and adhesives industries. AMP has worked together with industry partners, associations and government agencies to make sure that our products both industry requirements and government standards. Over the years we have worked with the Ontario Vegetable Growers AssociationGrain Farmers of OntarioOntario Agri-Food Technologies, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Farms and Rural Affairs, Health Canada and Agriculture Canada. For example, Health Canada has issued a letter of no objection for the use of AMP100 Polysaccharide for Inks indirect food contact applications. AMP also has a statement from the Pest Management and Regulatory Agency stating that Liquid Mulch need not be registered. 

AMP's story begins with the development of Liquid Mulch. The binder technology that was developed over a period of two years to make LiquidMulch is the platform on which the ink resins, binders and spray masks are also based. With input from customers and industry experts, AMP continues to improve its products and the way that these products are supported. The AMP30 Binder technology was developed next and the AMP100 ink resin was introduced in October 2010. Today, AMP's technology is also available as starch-based Pressure Sensitive Adhesives and Temporary Protective Coatings.

Our experience in the research and development of polysaccharide-based natural polymers has enabled us to provide state of the art, exceptional eco-friendly products to a broad range of industries.  These include products for automobilestrucksmotorcyclesagriculturehorticulturelandscapingrailwaysprinting, coatings, paper and adhesives.  We do more than simply sell natural polymers. Our products include technical support to make, test and optimize its performance and cost-effectiveness in our customers’ applications. 

We have also formed strategic alliances with suppliers that allow our customers to benefit from a broad range of services and products.   

Contact us today to explore how our polymers can help you, obtain technical data on specific products or start a development program with our natural polymers.