Natural Binder & Vehicle for Water based Inks

AMP100 Natural Ink VehicleTM is used as a zero VOC vehicle in the preparation of water based flexographic inks for corrugated board, carton and paper packaging. AMP100 is a nano-particle that is stable. It meets FDA regulations for direct food contact and has a Health Canada letter of non-objection for use in direct food contact applications.

4 Reasons to Use AMP100

1. Save Money

It is a highly effective & stable, aqueous suspension of polysaccharides derived from corn, wheat and potatoe.  Often less AMP100 needs to be used than the synthetic resin it replaces. It can also be used as a grinding vehicle.

2. Save Time & Effort

When used as the let-down polymer AMP100 improves rewetting of the anilox roll. This improves press run ability, decreases shadowing and makes clean-up easier. Presses can run for longer stretches before they need to be shut down for cleaning.

3. Save the Environment

Synthetic binders are made from crude oil and natural gas. It is estimated that it takes 1.78 Kg of feedstock to make one Kg of synthetic binder. As of April 2017, we have helped our customers save 1.2 million L of crude oil.

Many synthetic vehicles result in micro plastics entering the environment. Micro plastics are plastic particles that are so small that they cannot be seen by the naked eye. They persist in the environment just like large, visible plastic pieces. AMP100 Natural Ink Vehicle™ is biodegradable and is made from naturally occurring polysaccharides.

4. Quality

Every batch of AMP100 Natural Ink Vehicle™ is thoroughly tested to ensure that you receive the same quality every time.


  Can be used as is    Petroleum based    Is bio-degradable    Needs to be cooked   


Bio content          

Can be used as grinding vehicle Improved rewetting of anilox
Nitro Cellulose