AMP30T is a water-based time release bead or pill binder used to bind powdered chemicals, soil and dust together. It can be applied as a spray or by a solid stream directly into the pill making equipment. It may also be premixed with the dry ingredients before beading or pilling. AMP30T has an excellent green bond and it dries quickly to form a hard, durable bead or pill.


AMP30T is soluble in water and completely biodegradable. It does not contain any toxic, harmful or plastic materials.


It is a highly effective, economical, stable, aqueous dispersion of polysaccharides derived from natural, agricultural sources.  While AMP30T is ready to use it can also be diluted with water if a lower viscosity is desired.

AMP30T Natural Binder™ reduces costs, reduces the number of problems associated with bead making and both simplifies and speeds up the job.

5 Reasons to Use AMP30T

1. Save money

 AMP30T Natural Binder™ costs less per Kg of material because less needs to be used compared to most binders.

2. Easy to use

Using AMP30T Natural Binder™ is ready to use as is or it can be diluted. It does not need to be cooked or dispersed. Since it is in liquid form, it is very easy to adjust dosage.

3. Save oil

Synthetic binders are made from crude oil and natural gas. It is estimated that it takes 1.78 Kg of feedstock to make one Kg of synthetic binder. As of April 2017, we have helped our customers save 1.2 million L of crude oil.

4. Save the environment

Many synthetic binders result in micro plastics entering the environment. Micro plastics are plastic particles that are so small that they cannot be seen by the naked eye. They persist in environment just like large, visible plastic pieces. AMP30T Natural Binder™ is biodegradable and is made from naturally occurring polysaccharides.

5. Quality

Every batch of AMP30T Natural Binder™ is thoroughly tested to ensure that you receive the same quality every time.



  Can be used as is   Petroleum based   Is bio-degradable Needs to be cooked Ready to use          Good for time release formulationS Is non-static           
AMP30T X   X   X X X
Pre Gelled Starch X   X   X    
Dextrin X   X   X    
Starch Binders     X X     X
PVOH   X   X      
PVOH Solutions X X     X   X