(Dust Control Binder)



AMP30V is soluble in water and completely biodegradable natural polymer designed for dust control. It can be applied as a spray or by a solid stream directly onto the surface.  It does not contain any toxic, harmful or plastic materials.

 AMP30V has excellent green bond and it dries quickly to form a hard, durable surface.

 It is a highly effective, economical, stable, aqueous dispersion of polysaccharides derived from natural, agricultural sources




 Appearance:                Dark brown and opaque liquid 
 Solid:   ~60%
 Density:   ~1.25 g/cm3
 Viscosity:   ~ 2 000 cps @ 25°C
 VOS:   0
pH:    7 to 9



 Common use is to bind dust or soil so that the surface is solid and does not create airborne particles. Again, the biodegradable and natural properties of AMP30V are advantageous over chemical salts or synthetic polymers.

 In dust control applications AMP30V is usually diluted to 5% solids and is applied at a rate of 1200 Kg (solids basis) per acre.

 AMP30V is available in 18 Kg pails, 250 Kg drums and 1200 Kg IBC totes.