AMP40 is used as a low gloss varnish for wood that does not yellow over time. It is specially designed to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. It meets FDA regulations for direct food contact.

It is a quick-drying and quick curing varnish that allows furniture makers to finish their projects quickly.  It can be cleaned up with regular mineral spirits or varsol.



Solids:                                                       ~ 37%

Density:                                              ~ 0.878 gm/cm3

Viscosity:                                             ~ 100 - 120 cps @ 25°C

VOC                                                              429 g/L

85o Gloss                                                       25 - 27 o

60o Gloss                                                       9 -15o                                

20o Gloss                                                       3 - 5 o



AMP40 may be sprayed, brushed, rolled or applied using a cloth. Apply multiple thin layers for the best results.