AMP66 is a liquid mask used in the preparation of automobiles, vans, trucks and paint booths to protect against paint overspray.

It is a highly effective, economical, stable, aqueous dispersion of polysaccharides derived from natural, agricultural sources.  While AMP66 is ready to use it can also be diluted with water if a lower viscosity is desired.  It can be sprayed using any paint spray equipment with a primer gun.  It can also be applied by brush or foam applicator.

Why You Need It

  • Applying and rinsing off the AMP66 Temporary Protective Coating cleans the car. No extra washing is required. This saves you time and improves customer satisfaction.
  • Using AMP66 Temporary protective coating is faster letting you repair more cars per day
  • It is non-toxic and made from natural agricultural products. Safe for your workers, safe for the work environment and safe for the car

Here are the advantages of AMP66 compared to competitive products:




Other Spray Masks



Peelable Plastic

VOC free


Made from natural Agricultural products










Car can be left in the sun





No waste other than paint            




Can use masking tape





Can use on all surfaces


Traps in the dirt




No odour