Advanced Micro Polymers Inc.

Natural Polymers to help preserve our environment
We help the world become greener by providing state of the art natural polymers
All of our products are made from natural sources. They come from corn, wheat, potatoe, soy and wood. They are specially formulated to deliver outstanding performance in each industry and at the same time, retain their natural properties such as biodegradability. 
Our natural resins are unique because they are designed to give you performance advantages. Thus, you can design your products with a significant natural content and deliver advantages over existing products. Contact us to obtain formulation examples of how to use our natural resins.
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Many customers save 15% or more on their product manufacturing costs when they use our natural products. In addition, many have found that their manufacturing process is simplified or that less equipment maintenance is required. Contact us to find out how our natural resins can benefit you.
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